Frequently Asked Questions

Your monthly subscription rate will mainly cover the amounts of speeds you can access with your connection and this is available at different prices. The packages begin from $49.99 for basic internet users and goes all the way up to $129.99 for the heavy users.

In order to get the best pricing for our monthly subscriptions, you must have a commitment for service for at least two years as this is the only way for us to provide you with the best services. Please not that there is an early termination fee is you decide to start the cancel before the two years elapse. You will also need to have the following-:

  • A major debit or credit card that you shall use for purchasing the plan.

  • You must purchase and lease our services and equipments

  • Have an activation period during which our services must remain active

The speeds stated in the websites are the top speeds at which we strive to deliver at all times. But it is possible to understand that it is impossible to guarantee top speeds at all times. For one reason or the other, we may not be able to deliver the stated speeds due to a number of factors such as fluctuations in the networks, interferences, overloading of the systems etc. But we can guarantee an uptime of 99.00 percent of the stated speeds.

Technically speaking the answer to this question is a very big YES. The packages are all based on the speed and capacity. This simply implies that when you pay more, you will have access to increased speeds and enhanced capacities as opposed to those who go for the lesser packages.

The installation process is very simple. Once you acquire the equipment and pay the subscription fees, your installer will mount the dish to an appropriate structure and the recommended distance from the ground as required by the FCC regulations. He will then install the coaxial cable jacks in the room where the system is located before routing another two coaxial cables to the outside from the dish to the cable jack. He will then install the necessary hardware that accompanies the system before finally tuning and verifying the signal strength and activate your account.

The installation process isn’t a long time and there is always room for same day installation. For instance, if you place your order today, our sales rep will check on the availability and schedules of the nearest installers to you and advise you accordingly. Sometimes, you can advise us on the best times to come and do the installations since we can’t come to your home when you are away to install the system.

Our standard installation package does not include any kind of custom work, removal or repair of any existing mounted equipment as well as mounting on roof structures that are above one story high.